Save $6.00 per gallon

Racebond Composite Adhesive by  HMS

Part #8008-JL            $30.00

Save $4.00 per gallon

2 Tire Rotisserie

(2 - 10" Wide Tires)

Part #2888-AD2     $850.00

Kit includes: 2 oz of Accelerator, 1 oz of Adhesive &  instructions.

4 Tire Rotisserie

(4 - 10" Wide Tires)

Part #2888-AD4  $1,100.00

  Save $3.00 per can

 Save $6.00 per gallon

Check out the video from Burton Performance and myself.

Racebond Composite Adhesive by  HMS

Part #8888-JL            $40.00

HMS Extreme Tire Conditioner - 2 Gallons

Part #2820-ADT              $118.00

Brand new product for 2018: Racebond Composite Adhesive by HMS bonds fiberglass, carbon fiber or Kevlar in under 60 seconds. Racebond works as a two part adhesive and dries within a few minutes. Racebond can be sanded for a smooth finish and painted if you desire. Racebond is as strong as resin but much lighter, faster and easier.  You can even put your decal wrap back over the repair. 

Tire Enhancer​63 - 2006

We introduced this product in 2006 to a few of our dealers to rave reviews. This product is designed to be a Last Minute Treatment with a quick and easy application process. 

HMS Original - 1986

The product that started it in the late 1980's. This product works extremely well on old rough asphalt tracks where grip and tire wear are at a premium. Solid product, but does have a strong odor. This is not the product you want to use if you're trying to hide it from anyone and keep the trailer smelling fresh. Most of the people you see on our testimonials page started on this product. Be sure to check out the "conditioners" page for specific product information. Be a smart customer and call us if you have any questions. We don't want you to be using the wrong product or wasting your money. 

HMS Original Tire Conditioner - Gallon

Part #2819-AD              $46.00

Tire Cleaner - 2014

Our tire cleaner is designed to remove the factory mold residue from brand new tires. It's quick evaporation allows for it to be virtually undectable. Non-penetrating treatment.

Tire Rotisserie (4 Tire) 

4 - 10" Tires $1,000.00

2 - 10" Tires $750.00

2 - 10" Economy $550.00

Qualifying Spray -1986

Great for impound races, minimal durometer change & dries within seconds. We constantly use different labels that don't identify it as QS. One can treats up to 6 tires, but you can easily use a can per tire. Good on new or used tires and will increase grip substantially. Check out the "Conditioners" page for more specific information. 

HMS Kart Tire - 2002 Conditioner - Quart

2806-AD              $22.00

HMS Kart - 2001

Our Kart Tire Conditioner was developed at the request of our stock car customers. Although it's referred to as a conditioner, if over used it can lower your durometer readings rapidly. We recommend using this conditioner on dirt tracks with a course surface or on all asphalt applications. If it's over used on a track with a lot of grip, it can lock you down. We recommend using it with light coats on the outside or 3-6 oz. on the inside. HMS Kart has a high evaporation rate so you can expect the treatment to evaporate out of the tire 2-5 days after a heat cycle.  

HMS Tire Enhancer​63 Quart

Part #2808-AD              $26.95

HMS Original Tire Conditioner - 2 Gallons

Part #2819-ADT              $84.00

HMS Tire Cleaner Quart  

Part #2863-AD              $24.75

HMS Original Tire Conditioner - Case (4 gal)

Part #2819-CS              $160.00

HMS Extreme Tire Conditioner - Case (4 gal)

Part #2820-CS              $228.00

HMS Extreme Tire Conditioner - Gallon

Part #2820-AD              $63.00

HMS Extreme - 2002

A new formulation based off of HMS Original, but with 70% less odor. It most likely will evaporate out of the tire within 2-4 days after running. If the tire is not ran at least one good heat cycle, it could take up to 7-10 days. HMS Extreme works equally as well on dirt and asphalt applications, but is not a fix all. Nothing is. There is no difference in performance between our Original and Extreme products. The difference is simply the odor.  ​Please check out the instructions page for application help or call us. Also look at the "Conditioners" page for more specific details on how the product performs. 

​​​​​​Tire Conditioners - Racebond - Tire Rotisseries PH. #386.868.6955               

Tire Rotisserie (1-2 Tire) 

4 - 8" Tires $1,000.00

2 - 15" Tires $850.00

Single Tire $450.00

2 Tire Economy Rotisserie

(2-10" Wide Tires)

Part #2888-ADE2    $600.00

Save $4.00 per gallon

HMS Qualifying Spray Pack (4)  

Part #2807-AD              $120.00

HMS Qualifying Spray (Aerosol Can)  

Part #2807-AD              $33.00

Tire Rotisseries -1986

Our rotisseries have an aluminum frame and knurled aluminum shafts for continuous grip. Our standard rotisseries have specialty made composite pans while the special order machines will have a tig welded aluminum pan. They come preset for tire circumference beginning at 82" and they are adjustable. We have our standard machines in stock and will ship within 24 hours. 

Kart Fiberglass Bodies                       Kart Fiberglass Seats                       Carbon Fiber Dashboards                       Carbon Fiber Motor Components            

Fiberglass Stock Car Bodies              Legends Car Bodies                         Bandolero Bodies                                    Composite Stock Car Bodies                

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Most popular Machine                                  More Compact Rotisserie                             Economy Rotisserie            

Kit includes: 2 oz of Accelerator, 2 oz of Adhesive, 72 Sq. Inches of fiberglass cloth & instructions.