Product Information

This information is intended to be a brief description of our products with their advantages and limitations. You can use this as a guide and if you have more questions feel free to email or call us. 

HMS Original Tire Conditioner

Design and Advantages:

1. Works equally as well from the inside or outside of the tire.

2. Specifically designed for bias-ply stock car tires

3. Evaporates from the tires after a heat cycle in 2-4 days.

4. Can be applied within 6 hours of heat cycle in most cases.

5. Keep your tires cold during cautions. Responsive first turn.

6. Twenty Five year history of sucess


1. Strong odor that can be concealed, but not easily.

2. Extremely aggressive for kart and/or quarter midget tires.

HMS Tire Cleaner

Design and Advantages:

1. Cleans wax from tire surface quickly and easily.

2. Does not treat the tire or effect the durometer.

3. Undectable within minutes of application.

4. Dries extremely fast and doesn't leave a film or chemical stain. No signs of treatment.


1. Is NOT a Last Second Treatement

2. Has odor when its wet.

HMS Tire Enhancer

Design and Advantages:

1. A great Last Minute Treatment at the race track.

2. Easy quick application with quick drying time.

3. A little goes along way and is  aggressive.

4. Undectable after 7-10 minutes from application


1. Can not be used to treat tires more than an hour ahead of time

2. Requires hand application and not rotisserie

HMS Extreme Tire Conditioner

Design and Advantages:

1. Approximately 70% less odor than our HMS Original.

2. On track tested for 2 years before released to consumers.

3. Lower cost than equally marketed products available.

4. Cooler tire tempatures throughout your run.

5. Works from first lap on. No warming up of tires needed.

6. National championships on dirt and asphalt


1. Is NOT undectable from certain sniffers unless further steps are taken to conceal the treatment.

HMS Kart Tire Conditioner

Design and Advantages:

1. Aggressive outside prep for at the race track applications

2. Great inside treatment for asphalt applications

3. Will evaporate out of the tire in days

4. Will not destroy or ruin the tire


1. Can be to aggressive for "blacked over" clay tracks

2. Not recommended to be mixed with other brands

Qualifying Spray

Design and Advantages:

1. Aerosol spray for Last Minute Treatment

2. Minimal durometer drop (1-3 points) with massive additional grip for 1-2 laps.

3. One can will treat 6-8 tires. Great for impounds

4. Cans are disguised with paint manufacture labels

5. Can pass laboratory test if taken after heat cycle


1. Dissipates after 1-2 "hot" laps.

2. Has odor while spraying, but not dry

HMS Tire Rotisserie

Design and Advantages:

1. Shallow aluminum pans reduces waste

2. Light weight aluminum frame with knurled shafts to reduce tire slipping

3. Motor speed calculated for consistent treatment

4. Over 12 different types and sizes available


1. Uses more product than wrapping