Financing (Updated 01/31/18)

Speed Weeks is here my friends. Don't get left behind and not be prepared when you arrive at Speed Weeks. Avoid that hopeless feeling of knowing you aren't prepared after you're down 2 tenths after the first night.  Order now before it's to late. 

We don't make tires! We just make them better!




  • HMS Extreme Tire Conditioner
  • HMS Original Tire Conditioner
  • HMS Tire Cleaner
  • HMS Tire Enhancer #63
  • RaceBond Composite Adheisve
  • HMS Tire Rotisserie machines

Our Products:

News (Updated 01/31/18) 

Brand new product for 2018

RaceBond Composite Adhesive will instantly adhere carbon fiber or fiberglass back together within seconds. You can sand and paint it within minutes. Large kit is $40.00 and small kit is $30.00.

Check out the new video on the product page!  

Monthly Tech Tips:

Our instructions were developed from our on track testing and customer feedback. You'll notice most are specific to a certain tire or method of treating. In most cases our results will vary 1-2 points (hot) on the durometer. If you don't see instructions to fit your needs, email us and we'll see if we can help you out. Feel free to print them as well. 

HMS began in the mid 1980's out of DeLand, Fl. At the time we were looking for an edge and since then it has become a recognized product across the country. Once referred to as "Bird Juice", we have won multiple SnowBall Derby's, SpeedWeek championships and have been featured in Circle Track Magazine twice.

Starting with our original product, we have always developed and tested our own formulations and theory's. We've never  re-engineered or copied other products. We believe in earning our business with hard work and not by trying to replicate others. We specialize in specific needs and not a blanket fit for all program.